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Celebration at the SPOT

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Victoria is home getting dressed to go to the SPOT tonight. She is feeling good tonight, since the audit went well, and Bridget has come to work every day this week. She is very happy to see Bridget is making an improvement in her attendance and in her work performance. Her cell phone rings, it is an unknown caller. “Hello Victoria, it’s Calvin.”

She arrives at the SPOT about ten minutes early and Jade is already there. Victoria heads over to the table with a huge smile on her face to greet Jade and squeals, “Congratulations on your big win this week.”

Lydia arrives, greets them both and says, “This may be a whiskey neat night tonight?” Jade looks at her with wide eyes and says, “Did you just say whiskey neat,” as they burst out in laughter. She orders a cosmopolitan instead. They ask Lydia about her week. She exclaims, “It was great, I find myself in a good place right now and it feels a little weird.” Victoria and Jade both agree, they feel the same way.

They each hold their glasses up and say in unison, “To us!” Jamison comes over to the table with his drink in his hand and says, “Yes to us!” Let’s celebrate to being in a good place in our lives tonight.” Victoria looks over her shoulder. She sees a gentleman that resembles the one she had seen at the casino the other night.

Jamison tells the ladies about his promotion to the executive staff. Victoria tells Jamison, “We promised to never get so busy, that we can’t meet up, once a week. For twelve years, we have made good on that promise to each other.”

Jamison hands Jade an envelope. It is a gift card for five-thousand-dollars to Neiman Marcus from all of them for her big win in court this week. Jade sheds a tiny tear and says, “I love you guys.”

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