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Standing on the Mountain Top - Lydia

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

As Lydia was preparing for tonight’s shift, she started thinking about the wonderful evening she and Sam had yesterday. They visited a couple of museums, had a romantic candle-lite dinner, and then went to see a late movie. She hasn’t been to a movie theater since college. She can't believe they ate so much candy and greasy buttered popcorn. She felt like a high school girl, going out on her first date. This man knows how to plan the perfect evening, and he is such a perfect gentleman.

Lydia heads to the hospital. She remembers she must investigate Bridget's medical file for Victoria and also check the files of Maria and her mother. Sam has totally taken her mind off that situation and she needs to find out if they are still in the hospital; but more importantly, where they live.

She arrives at work and of course, the emergency room waiting room is full. They had everything from gunshot wounds, car accidents, stabbings, heart attacks, overdoses, falls, you name it.

Before she enters exam room eight, she skimmed the nurse’s report. The patient arrived with three nails in his forehead from a nail gun.

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