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Updated: Mar 30, 2022

This place is classy with elegance and has two levels with a wide winding staircase, encased in dark wood. The walls are textured, and beige in color. The floors and tabletops are walnut wood with beige colored crush velvet chairs. Some of the dinner seating have large round metallic colored seating and some of the walls are a dark purple in color. The lights are dim, and the rooms are filled with long modern crystal hanging chandeliers about four feet from the ceilings. On the upper level the windows are round shaped like what you see on a cruise ship.

The bar has studio lighting over glass shelves, that hold various liquors that overtake entire wall, pure elegance. The BLVD is large enough that you could easily get lost in the crowd. Your friend or spouse wouldn’t know you were even there. A lot of connections happens here.

That’s why Jamison calls it the SPOT! The dress code in the evening is formal. Oh, and there is also valet parking, if you need it.

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