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Let's Meet Our Friend Jade

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Corporate Attorney

Jade is at the office, sitting at her desk that overlooks the city’s skyline. Her office has high ceilings and very large windows.

Her phone rings, “Yes Sandy! “Mr. Stern would like to see you in his office this morning. I see you have a ten o’clock open. Will this be a good time to meet with him?” Jade answer, “Yes, but what is the meeting about?” Sandy says, “I’m not sure, I was only asked to confirm your schedule for today and if ten o’clock is fine, then the meeting will be in conference room C.” Jade answers, “I will be there.” Jade is wondering what in the world is this all about. My clients are happy, and I’ve brought on new accounts this quarter, I haven’t lost any cases in court in over a year, so I wonder what this is all about?

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