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Oh God! What Have I done?

Bridget arrives at the bank and discovers Victoria has not arrived yet. This is unusual for her because she is always there at least an hour before the staff arrives. An hour goes by, one of the bank tellers asked Bridget if Victoria was coming in today. Bridget checks her cell phone, to make sure she hadn't missed a call from her. Bridget dials Victoria's cell phone, no answer.

Just as she was about to call her cell again, her cell phone rang. The caller ID shows Chuck. This was the code name for Calvin. She found it strange for him to call her this early, and besides, he knows she is at work. She answers, “Hello, this better be important, to call my cell during business hours." Calvin is silent, he can barely speak. He rumbled some words that Bridget could not understand. Bridget says, "Calvin, what is it? You are not making any sense. I can't understand anything you are saying." Calvin finally says, “Have you seen the news?” Bridget says, “No, I barely watch the news, with all the crime in Chicago, I don't waste my morning listening to all of that negativity. But why do you ask?" Calvin slowly says, "It's Victoria!

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