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Oh God! What have I done?- LYDIA,

Lydia's mind is racing everywhere. Not to mention, she did not have much sleep because of being awakened from an awful dream to a nightmare. She is trying to rationalize with the events that have taken place over the last twenty-four hours. She is in deep thought and she doses off to sleep.

She dreams the same dream she had earlier this morning. This time, the Ramirez brothers have brought the old neighborhood to the hospital. They are all standing in the lobby like mobsters, demanding to see her. Lydia leaves the hospital early and sneaks out through the security entrance. She calls an Uber to take her home because she didn't want to take a chance going to the parking garage. As she is standing there waiting for her ride, someone yells,there she is, let’s get her. Lydia is now running down the street, screaming and trying to get away from them.

She trips and falls to the ground. They catch up with her. They are yelling and screaming at her and just as they were hitting and kicking her, Jade is standing over her saying, "Lydia, wake up, you are having a bad dream." Lydia opens her eyes and says, “Oh God! What have I done?"

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