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Things Aren't As They Seem - Victoria

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Victoria has had a heck of a week at the bank. They have been busy engaging in community events to gain new customer accounts before the year end. Bridget is doing a magnificent job and is back to her old self. Victoria asks Bridget if she wanted to grab dinner since it was so late, it would be her treat. Bridget replied, “Yes, that would be nice.” They went to a small family-owned restaurant hidden in the neighborhood. The food was amazing, and they had great conversations.

Suddenly, Bridget remembers Lydia from the emergency room and panics. Lydia just treated her last week and prescribed her pain meds, and she thinks Victoria knows. She tells Victoria she does not feel very well and thinks maybe she should go home and lie down.

Victoria’s cell phone ring. It’s that unknown caller again. Victoria answers, “Hello Calvin!” Victoria gathers her things and leaves the restaurant. As she is driving, she is heavy in thought about Calvin’s conversation. She had every intention of going home but ends up at the casino.

Her mind is racing about her conversation with Calvin about her parents. She gets up to go to the bathroom to pull herself together and she notices a man that resembles Calvin. This time she follows him. Victoria is about to explode. She is so upset, she could barely contain herself. She rushed to the valet parking booth to have her SUV pulled up. She speeds off in a hurry, she is driving so fast, she ran right through a red light.

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