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Let's meet our friend Victoria

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Excerpt from the Novel “The Chronicles of Integrated Friends”

Victoria – Occupation - Bank President

Bridget has a very important role as Victoria’s right hand, and Victoria requires excellence from her staff. Bridget has been with Victoria for five years and has always exceeded her expectations in her work performance. She knows the day-to-day functionality of the bank and the bank runs seamlessly when Victoria is away BUT lately, Bridget has not been the same. Her work has not been stellar, as it has in the past, AND she hasn’t been reliable lately. She more frequently calls off sick, since her car accident about six months ago.

“Where is she? It’s not like her to be late! It’s nine twenty and the meeting starts at ten o’clock." Victoria starts the meeting with introductions and says, “I apologize for the delay, my assistant had an emergency and will not be attending."

Victoria is thinking, I’m so glad that's over. She says to Stewart, “I could not think straight in the meeting because I wondering what happened to Bridget. I don’t have any missed calls from her and now I’m very concerned, something must definitely be wrong.”

"Bridget, what happened? Why are you in the emergency room?”

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