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My New Reality - Jade

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Her phone rings, it’s her nephew Nicholas. She answers right away and says, “Hey, is everything okay" Nicholas says, “Auntie, it is not, papa is very ill, and the doctors are not sure if he is going to make it through the week." He said to Jade, “Mom said she wrote you a letter to let you know he was sick, but he has gotten worse and you really need to come home to see him."

Jade was filled with rage, and said to Nicholas, “Sweetheart, I'm super busy with a big case right now and I cannot just drop everything and run back to Seattle like that." She was very gentle with him as she said, I have an important client I'm meeting with in about five minutes and I will call you later this evening." Nicholas asked, “Will you at least call papa or grandma to check on them? They would love to talk to you.

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