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My New Reality - Jamison

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

His cell phone rings, it’s Jon, his name registered on the caller ID this time. Jon said, “Welcome back Jamison!” He replied, “Good afternoon Jon, and thank you.” Jon exclaimed, “I hope you had a relaxing vacation because we have a lot to do this week. Are you ready to get started?" Jamison said, "I was born ready." Jon replied, "I'm glad to hear that, can we meet in Wicker Park this evening, around five thirty?" Jamison said, " Yes, I will be there.” Jon said, “I will text you the address." Jamison, inhales a big deep breath and says to himself, I can’t' believe I'm doing this, but why not?

Jamison looks at this text message and it said Community Clinic of Wicker Park 46021 Division Street. Park in the back and text me when you arrive. Jamison replies got it. He is heading back to his office, and he receives a call from Dr. Naomi Lee, he answers, “Hello Doc.”

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