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My New Reality - Lydia

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Lydia smiles and heads out the door to the parking garage. As she was walking toward her SUV, she runs into the mysterious new tenant who was parking adjacent to her parking spot. The lady exits her vehicle as Lydia was walking past, they speak, Lydia goes over to the lady and introduces herself. "Hello, I'm Lydia, are you new to the building?" The lady replied, "Yes, I moved in a couple of weeks ago, my name is Kendra." Lydia smiled and said, “Well welcome to our community; it’s nice to meet you." Kendra replied, “My pleasure and thank you, have you lived here long?" Lydia said, “I’ve been here five years." Kendra said, "I hope to see you around sometime." Lydia replied, “Likewise, and it was very nice to meet you, Kendra."

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