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Updated: Mar 30, 2022

They finally arrived in St. Lucia; they admired the golden sun glowing over the deep blue ocean while strolling through the airport to retrieve their luggage. They find the sign that says Calabash Cove Resort and get in a taxi. On the way to the resort, the taxi driver is giving them a tour of the island. Jade was quiet during the ride as she has already made a reservation for every attraction the taxi driver just mentioned plus, snorkeling, zip lining and hiking. She thought to herself; They were not interested in hearing the entire agenda Friday night, so what I have lined up will surprise them.

As they get out of the taxi and gather their luggage, the luxurious beauty of the resort had them speechless. The staff came out to greet them and take their luggage to their respective suite. They were each greeted by a personal concierge to handle their needs individually. The check in was quick, the ladies had individual junior suites side by side, and Jamison had a cottage that wasn’t too far away. They each agreed to get settled, shower, then meet for a late lunch in the Wind Song Restaurant at the top of the hillside.

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