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Standing on the Mountain Top - Jade

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Jade has a big court case for Lake Front Memorial today. The plaintive filed a complaint, alleging negligent medical care. She did not want to settle out of court and wanted to take it to trial. The prosecuting attorney's argument is; six months ago, they removed the claimant's left kidney because of a cancerous tumor. She then went through several months of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. The claimant is twenty-two years old, and she does not have a family history of cancer. Because of the kidney being removed and the chemotherapy treatments, the plaintive stated, she now has to take several medications every day, lost time off work, lost wages, loss of hair and also the inability to have a baby.

The prosecutor was requesting Dr. Naomi Lee to lose her license to practice medicine because of negligence and medical malpractice. They were suing Lake Front Memorial Hospital for four point eight million dollars.

The attorneys argued back and forth in the courtroom. They each had expert medical witnesses for their respective sides.

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