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Standing on the Mountain Top - Victoria

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Victoria went to the casino after leaving the SPOT last night. She hit big, and I mean big. She won ten thousand dollars at one of the high rollers blackjack tables. Then she went to the slot machines and hit two jack pots. Five thousand dollars on one machine, and seven thousand on another machine. She was feeling like she was on top of the world right now; she was in a good place. Since Victoria had consumed several martinis, she spent the night at the casino. She was escorted to her room by the hotel security because of the sizable sum of money she had just won. As they are getting off the elevator, Victoria has that uneasy feeling in her gut again. She looks around and doesn't see anyone on the floor.

The next morning, Victoria wakes up to her cell phone ringing. It is Lydia, “Hey Victoria, are we still on for breakfast?" Victoria jumps up as she realizes she only has the red after five dress from last night. She doesn't want to walk out of the hotel wearing it, and she certainly cannot wear it to meet Lydia for lunch. She doesn't have time to go home and change.

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