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Friday Night At The SPOT

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Jade says, “Let’s toast to our success and how we pushed forward despite the hard times we had getting here. Victoria, a successful bank president. Jade, a successful corporate attorney, soon make partner.” Jamison says, “And you Lydia, a successful emergency room doctor and surgeon.

They order another round of drinks. The music is more upbeat now and they are rocking in their seat. Lydia says, “No more talk about work, we are celebrating twelve years of friendship

The band took a short intermission and Jade said to Jamison, “I didn’t see you come in. Have you been here a while?” Jamison says, “Yes, I met a colleague in the Champagne Room around six thirty for a private event.” Victoria asked, “What kind of event?” Jamison says, “New possibilities!” with a big smile. Victoria replied, “New possibilities?” They laugh.

They are looking at each other and thinking to themselves, if you only knew what I had to do to get to this point in my life; If you only knew what I did in my past; If you only knew the family matters, I left back home; If you only knew what I’m about to say yes to. They continue to enjoy the great music and more drinks.

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