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We Are Finally Here

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

After this round of drinks, they go out on the patio and relax on the beach in the recliner chairs. They talk about how they first met. Lydia and Jamison were in an algebra class together their first semester, and this is where their friendship started. Jamison looks over at Lydia and says, “Yes, I was in algebra and this mean skinny girl comes in the classroom with her nose turned up as if the room was disgusting. She looked around for a seat that wasn’t next to anyone else and sat down.” Jade laughs and retorts, “That is a lie, I did not have my nose turned up!” Lydia says, “I can see that, I had a similar experience when I met her.” Jade says, “I was not a snob!” Victoria laughs and says “Well, you kind of still are, but you have earned it being a big-time corporate lawyer and all.”

Jamison, I don’t appreciate you calling me a skinny snob.” Jamison laughs and says, “You say that every time I tell that story of how we met. It took her two weeks to even speak to me.” Jade laughs and says, “I was shy and didn’t know anyone, so I was playing the tough girl role.” Victoria says, “I met Jade in the school cafeteria, it was probably our first week of school and she was sitting at a table all by herself. I thought she was from the city because she looked so mean, but me being the friendly chatter box I am, I went over to her table and said, is anybody sitting here?” Jade looked up at me and smiled and said, no, no one is sitting here, and you are welcome to join me." That was the start of our friendship. We didn’t have any classes together that semester, but we exchanged numbers.” Lydia chimes in and says, “I met Jamison in anatomy and physiology class our freshman year. We became study partners because we also had the same biology class together. He introduced me to Jade, and Jade introduced me to Victoria.” Jamison holds up his glass and says, “To Jade, the connect.” They all laugh.

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