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A fiction novel about four people from, different parts of the world with different backgrounds and different lifestyles. They decided to come to Chicago, IL to attend college at North Western University. What made them go so far away from home? What were they trying to escape from?


Their friendship began during their freshman year and they are still best friends twelve years later. Why did they each decide to remain in the windy city after college, grad school, med school, and law school? Why did they decide to pursue their careers and start their lives so many miles from home and family?


They have each become very successful with extraordinary lifestyles. BUT they each have Major life altering secrets that would be devastating if anyone found out, especially each other. 


How can you be so close to someone and yet be so far away at the same time?


Let's meet our friends 


Coming Fall of 2023


Jamison is now at a crossroads in his life, he is forced to make a decision that will impact not just himself but the future of all his friends. 

When a cryptic message from his past arrives, Jamison is launched into a spiral of intrigue and danger. Unable to decipher the coded letter alone, he reluctantly turns to his friends for help. But revealing the secrets of his former life puts Jamison and his friends in the crosshairs of a deadly unknown enemy. 


As the four friends dive deeper into the mystery, they uncover a plot more sinister than they could have imagined. Jamison realizes the choice he thought was his alone to make is now intertwined with the fates of Victoria, Lydia, and Jade. Will the bonds of friendship and loyalty be strong enough for them to survive the coming storm? Or will Jamison's secret sever the ties between them forever?

In this gripping second installment in the Integrated Friends series, Jamison's story will be told. But will the truth ultimately set him free or leave his life in pieces?

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